Tea Party Cakes

Great article and excellent advise!

Loren Ebert

Ann Marie, you have no idea how much I needed to read this today. I had my first caketastrophy on Saturday and I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster since I dropped it off. Thanks so much!!! :o)

Bliss Pastry

I love “pray you don’t end up on cake wrecks” lol!

PetiteSweet-Cake Boutique

Excellent advise, thank you :)

Ann-Marie Youngblood

We have all been there and if not you will…just a matter of time. Glad to post to encourage! Oh Loren, I am so sorry! It really is an Emotional roller coaster. We put so much love into what we do..it is really hard not to feel personal about it! As if it is a Character flaw or something. Nope just things happen that are out of our control..no matter how prepared or organized you are. You have to push through and muster the courage to keep on keeping on….knowing that you can learn, grow, and eventually become better because of it! =)


Great great article (and site), thank you for sharing the link to it!


This is really a good read, thank you so much for sharing AnnMariesCakes! =)


Uplifting article. Thank you for sharing!