Rae, it was an honor sharing this experience with you and the rest of the bakers for a much worthy cause!!

Michal Bulla

Amazing project. You did a great job ladies.
Next time we want to be involved ;)

Veenas Art of Cakes

Wow. This is amazing.. Feels good to be recognized as a group.
Thanks Rae was great working with you
Thanks Michal and Thanks Cake Decor..! Yeey!!!

It's a Cake Thing

Best experience ever for my first collaboration. I loved being part of this group and a big thanks to you Rae for extending the invite. Love that you gave me a chance, love that I went out of my comfort zone and LOVE that we raised money for a very meaningful cause. You are all awesome. Thank you, Daniela! xo


Michal: There were a “Few Good Men” in the group too :-))

Eat Cake

Loved being part of this collaboration with such a bunch of amazing people, and so good to be raising money for such a great charity! :)

Pauline Soo (Polly) - Pauline Bakes The Cake!

Great to have worked together with an amazing group of bakers to raise money for such a wonderful charity!:) xxx

Unusual cakes for you

Thanks for putting my pic up there gorgeous :)
It was an honour and so much fun being a part of this amazing talented group of people

Rosie Cake-Diva

h I just saw this. what a lovely piece! :)

Leo Sciancalepore

all pics are really very good.

Cakes By Heather Jane

Loved being a part of this :) lots of money raised for a good cause :)

Designer Cakes by Anna Garcia

Was Amazing to be apart of this project <3 Ty Rae as well for the lovely write up for a good cause

Calli Creations

Just seen this dearest Rae… what a lovely write up, thanks so much and what a great collab for this oh so worthy cause :) xx

Bonn Boni

great job all :)