I Love sugar veil don’t get to use it much but I did on my corset cake using the Rose mantilla mat
To get the black lace i had to add alot of black powedered colour, I haven’t seen it used a lot in NZ but only been avaliable 6 months


I love the look but I don’t use it. Just doesn’t make sense for me to invest the money on purchasing the material since I only decorate for my family.

Phyllis Lindley

bootiful cakes has a tutorial posted here. It’s from a couple of weeks ago, just go to tutorials & in the search bar type in her name or “sugar veil”. It doesn’t look like a tutorial at first, but if you scroll down just a bit there are very detailed pictures to go with the instructions. I also love the look but don’t use because I don’t sell my cakes & it would be too costly.

Paul Delaney of Delaneys cakes

Ciccio that looks fantastic, so real, THANKS for the pics

Calli Creations

this really the only time I have tried it.. it was my first time and it was in really humid conditions, so it flopped. I intend to do it again though… Jo’s of Ciccio looks amazing!!!
its veyr expensive though, but do love the effects. I use the mat and make pseudo sugarVeil now by pressing icing in and dusting the embossed area with pearlescent… like this…

let us know how you get on Paul :)


It is too expensive here and it is not something I would like to invest in for the time being… This being said, I love the look, it is so versatile and with your experience, I see you use it in so many ways!!!


I used it couple of times. It depends on the humidity a lot so sometimes Ijust use small pieces on the cakes – like for my Lilly of valley. I would not say it is popular in my area, but it looks really good.

Kassie Smith

I used Sugar Veil for the wings on the mother dragon, poured white then added drops of gel color and used a tooth pic to spread the color.