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Where to buy chocolate for ganache 4

Can you guys share where you buy your chocolate for making ganache— Also what brand/cocoa amount/ for both chocolate and white chocolate— Im trying to improve my ganaching skills— and Im realizing that using the Nestle chips is not helping- ha...

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LorAnn Lemon Emulsion vs. Magic Line Lemon Emulsion 4

I need to get some more Lemon Emulsion for my sugar cookies and I was wondering is anyone has tried LorAnn’s emulsion. I usually buy Magic Line’s version but I was thinking about trying something new and was wondering what people thought about...

Double Barrel Dummies 2

I’m decorating a dummy cake for display, and I want to make a double-barrel. My question is, How do I attach two 6" dummies so I can cover them together. And how to I make the seam appear smooth, since the dummies aren’t actually perfectly shaped...

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How much do you charge for this cake? 0

Please let me know … 1 How much do you charge for this cake? 2 How do you do it? Aprox… for 50-75 serving….

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Dehydrators 3

Hi i just want to know if anyone uses a dehydrator for drying sugar flowers and runouts? If so are they any good and would you recommend it. Thanks Hanli

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Cake Marvel Cake Pan Lid? 0

I came across this cake pan lid from Marvel and it looks wonderful! Bakes your cake with a flat top every time, so you don’t have to cut off the tops. I was thinking about ordering a few sizes but was wondering if anyone has ever used them and if...


Sugarflare paste colors??? Where can I find them in US. 1

I’ve been looking for these colors and I can’t find them in US. Does anyone know where I can get them? Thanks.


Decorating supplies.?? 1

Early next year I ‘m doing a trip with my family landing in LA, up to San Fran, then Vegas and back to LA. Can anyone tell me a good place to go shopping for cake decorating tools and supplies. Would love to find some sort of a one stop shop....


Kitchen aid for $183.99 @ kohls 0

I just wanted to share how to get a KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer for $183.99 after rebate and kohls cash. Here is the site that gives the steps and coupon coupon codes. ...

photofrost 3600 5

I’m considering the purchase of the photofrost 3600 computer printer package and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this system. What I’d specifically like to know is: 1.) Is it a wireless printer? 2.) What version of windows...