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18 wheeler cake 1

Hi fellow bakers, i have a question for you.. Can anyone tell what pans i would to make an 18 wheeler cake?? I welcome any suggestions on the prep of the cake as well.. Thank you for your help..

Emily Herrington

Who is the best edible photo vendor? 0

I need to order an edible photo. Who has the best quality of all of them out there? Also, does anyone know how easily this photo would cut with a cookie cutter? I’m taking a family photo and cutting it into puzzle pieces to affix to fondant or...

Just starting out. What do I need? 5

Just starting out! What do I need to look into getting first?

Sponge Bob Form cake pan? 2

Can anybody tell me where I can find the Sponge Bob Form cake pan beside the one made by Wilton? It seems like the one that I want is only available in other countries and I can’t seem to find a company that ships to the United States. ...

8-Petal Cake Pans?? 2

I’m looking to purchase two 10" 8-petal cake pans but all I can seem to find is the Wilton set of four pans in different sizes. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I can find them? The Fat Daddio’s 5-petal pans aren’t the look we’re going...

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

Can I fix a cracked figure? 5

So I made my Doc McStuffin figure with 50/50 satin ice chocolate and white fondx. I stopped using satin ice for figures because as it dries it ALWAYS cracks. I thought maybe if i mixed the chocolate SI with Fondx I would be ok, but nope. I...

Sugar&Spice by NA

Wilton castle 9

Hi all!! I’ve always asked myself this question, hope to have an answer: If a client asks for a castle, and you decide to use the plastic turrets of Wilton, do you tell the client: Please can i have them back? I’m ashamed to do that, what do you...

How to Package Gumpaste Flowers & other Sugar Creations for Sale 2

I would like to sell my gumpaste flowers and other sugar creations like bows, baby shoes etc. to bakeries, cake decorators etc and was wondering how best to package the flowers and other creations for sale. What should I store them in? What...

Mirabelle Cake Design

Which Alan Dunn book? 3

If you were to buy/have one Alan Dunn book, which one would you choose? I’ve read that some books have repeated materials? Thank you!

Lace press 2

I really like lace design on this cake. I looked in the internet and can not find this lace press mold. Could you help me please if you know where I can buy it?

Peppa Pig 1

Can anyone recommend a good tutorial on how to make a fondant Peppa Pig, thanks

Clairella Cakes

Life Size Shoe Cutter /Mould 1

I have had a request from a client to make a life size Gucci shoe on top of a cake. I wonder if anyone can tell me where I can source cutters, supports & heel mould for a life size shoe – I’m not having much luck on google. Many thanks x

Louis Vouitton Cake 4

Just got a order for this cake: 1. Where can I find this kind of monogram or how to make it? 2. How do I get the texture on the little squares? 3. How do I make the chain/rings...

Pastry Liner Maker -- your thoughts? 2

hi all, would you find it useful to be able to use a gadget that will let you create your own paper pastry liner? you can choose your type of pastry paper and design, and transform the paper into a paper liner/cup of different shape and size?...

cart 0

Anyone have a good source for a wedding cake cart to help in delivery? Or a DIY?

Appropriate sizes 3

Another question for you more experienced wedding cake makers. I will be making a four tiered wedding cake for my SIL’s wedding cake in June, the reception is a fairly light lunch with the cake as the only sweet. I was thinking that 15, 12, 9,...


fondant rolling surface nagging question 16

Hi all, please help me out on this one – what is the best recommended and food safe surface on which to roll out fondant. Am conversant with formica, glass and marble surfaces but how hygienic are they?………………….

Where to buy chocolate for ganache 4

Can you guys share where you buy your chocolate for making ganache— Also what brand/cocoa amount/ for both chocolate and white chocolate— Im trying to improve my ganaching skills— and Im realizing that using the Nestle chips is not helping- ha...

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

LorAnn Lemon Emulsion vs. Magic Line Lemon Emulsion 4

I need to get some more Lemon Emulsion for my sugar cookies and I was wondering is anyone has tried LorAnn’s emulsion. I usually buy Magic Line’s version but I was thinking about trying something new and was wondering what people thought about...

Double Barrel Dummies 2

I’m decorating a dummy cake for display, and I want to make a double-barrel. My question is, How do I attach two 6" dummies so I can cover them together. And how to I make the seam appear smooth, since the dummies aren’t actually perfectly shaped...