Stained glass paint #1: Stained Glass Painting Tutorial

In this video I give you all the secrets to perform a beautiful job in stained glass, how to make your own stained glass and also how to achieve metallic, transparent and diamond stained glass just open the link ...


Watch this great video where Carla Rodrigues tell you more on how to work with #Saracino Modelling Chocolate

Tips on making basic facial features

Here’s our weekly serving of tips, and today we offer you our method that we call skinning.

Painting on fondant!

I have been looking at how to paint on cakes, and found a simple edible paint recipe! But as I’m not that good at painting I was hoping their was a way to trace an image, and paint over it! So if you know any ways please let me know! :D Thanks!

Christmas Penguins Tutorial

Hi CD Friends!! I want to share with you my First Video Tutorial for Christmas I hope you like it :) Merry Christmas to all of you! Karla xx

Fondant Lego Darth Vader video tutorial

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From hobby to full time job, my journey so far...

Having worked for a Manchester based Supported Housing company for the past 11 years, alongside running Candy’s Cupcakes and looking after two young children, I’ve realized that I am not Super Woman (despite trying to pretend) and something had...

Fondant Tips on Eliminating Air Bubbles and Bulges

A common problem that probably every cake decorator has had to deal with at one time or another is when a cake forms bulges after coating it with rolling fondant. This is an especially important issue when making wedding cakes because you...

A Beginners Story

A Beginners Story- This has been my experiences over the last couple of months As a newbie/beginner I thought I would share my experiences for all other newbies-you may pick something up- and maybe for some others you may get a chuckle out...