https://youtu.be/xfWZDRG8WJM Make BIG cake toppers that WON’T CRUSH your beautiful CAKE using this QUICK Rice Crispy Treats recipe! It’s super EASY to work with to make your BIG cake toppers LIGHTWEIGHT and my (current) go to recipe.

RKT Rapunzel, a quick step by step

It’s been a really crazy busy weekend, and all I have been able to share is my RKT Rapunzel with you.

Step -by-step pictures of making a train

I was asked how to make a train. I did this last year hope it’s useful. ;)

The Creepy Batty Candy Cauldron

Just in time for Halloween! A quick little RKT Topper Tutorial that can easily be applied to a ball cake. The same technique can also be applied to a Jack-O-Lantern Bucket OR even skull! The possibilities are as endless as your imagination....

Edible Armchair

It’s not exactly an everyday thing to make, but you never know, you might need it one day! Here’s the cake I used it on: http://cakesdecor.com/cakes/213042-david-s-favourite-things Thanks for looking :) x

New beginnings #4: RKT omg fab :-)

Well what a productive day :-) I’ve managed to get my 4 tier baked 2 vanilla Madeiras a 2 chocolate Madeiras and they all turned out fab. The best was yet to come. For the cake idea I have in mind I needed a light weight cake as a topper but the...