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Face modelling part 2

Olanuta Alexandra

Here it is second part.Have fun!

Vivienne Westwood colouring


I found some pictures of my Vivian’s coloring. I forget to shoot… These are powder paints with vodka and a little airbrush and dust . I hope it is useful to someone.

Pumpkin Cat

Vico Merino

Hi everyone!! Here is my new tutorial about how to make a pumpkin cat, made with chocoporcelain. I hope you like it !! Do not forget like and suscribe <3

How to make Cogsworth

Maritza's Sugar Creation

In this video how to make Cogsworth! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to receive notifications of weekly uploads.

How to Make Sugar SUCCULENTS - LITHOPS: Modeling Chocolate, NO CUTTERS and NO MOLDS

The Confectionery Gallery

The sugar succulents in this tutorial are great for both cake and cupcake decorating and are fully edible. Since you are using modeling chocolate, they taste great as well. There are roughly three stages to this tutorial, the first is shaping the...


Captain Hook armature


We would like to show you the armature we have used.It is made of thermoplastic.This is an material which is very practical,strong and hard.It is very comfortable for the make of sculptures and small figures,also for the thin parts of the...

Edible Hedgehog Tutorial

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Click on the link below please to open up the step by step tutorial on my page. I enjoyed making this cute hedgehog. I call him Blade and I hope that you like this tutorial. ...

FAVORITE RECIPES #1: How to make modeling chocolate with candy melts

Olga Zaytseva

Learn how to melt candy melts and make modeling chocolate with a step-by-step video tutorial. You will need: 10 oz Candy Melts 1/4 cup light Corn Syrup Microwave safe bowl Hope you’ll find it helpful. <3

Making of hatching turtle - photo album

Jennifer Holst • Sugar, Cake & Chocolate •

Hello everyone, I want to show you some pictures about processing of my hatching turtle. Hope you enjoy it. ☺ Kind regards Jennifer Finished cake (everything is edible) Steps of processing: