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Spotty Dotty Cake Tutorial

Here is my Spotty Dotty Cake Tutorial, I hope you’ll like it.

-- Rosie Cake-Diva

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Great tutorial, thanks for sharing

Starry Delights

This is great Rosie :) thanks :) xx

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Wonderful tutorial! Thank you so much!!!


So nice to have lovely straight forward instructions…thanks for taking the time to share you skills with us and congratulations on your award EXCELLENT


Great, thank you!

The Rosehip Bakery

Thanks Rosie x

The Custom Cakery

Thanks so much for that x


Great recipe never would have thought of it thank you I’ll be baking it

Lizzie Price

Wonderful tutorial! Excellent you made a cakes decorating and cupcakes. I would like to made a cakes and cupcakes. I am learning and improved.

Tami Saikaly

wow, what kid wouldnt like this cake?! thks


This is lovely,I can call this polka dot


Hi Rosie, thanks for sharing, this looks awesome and I’m going to try it this weekend! I have two questions though: am I right in understanding that you use the same cake mix for both the dots and the cake itself? and will the dots not get very dry as they’d be baked twice?

Rosie Cake-Diva

Hi Maccaliscious…..I’m assuming you’re the same Mac I’ve just messaged on FB. For the record though…..yes…it’s the same recipe and no…they don’t seem dry, as long as you don’t overbake them in the first place. xx

Calli Creations

Thank you so much Rosie…. I definitely am going to try this!!! its gorgeous!!!


Yes I am Rosie, sorry about that! I found you on FB later and figured that was probably easier. Thanks for the tips, I’m going to have a crack this weekend! I fear that you make it look a lot easier than I’ll find it though! Love the tutorial on the leopard cupcakes too, now waiting for an occasion to make them!