Football Helmet Cake Tutorial

I wanted to make a football helmet cake but I wasn’t quite sure where to begin. I looked everywhere and found very little help. So I decided to make my own. It’s my first football helmet cake…be kind : )
Step by step can by found on the following link… I hope it’s helpful.


WOW! Thanks for this. I had the same problem when I had to make a foot ball helmet cake last year. Love how you did the face guard. I tried to make mine like yours but failed! LOL You made it look pretty easy. Did you use a clay extruder?

Thanks SweetBuds…I have to tell you, while I was rolling out the gum paste/fondant for the face guard I sure was wishing I had a mold : )

You did a great job! Thanks for sharing!

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Your tutorial has been so helpful. I’m studying it thoroughly as I prepare my first helmet cake for a groom’s cake this weekend. Thank you for sharing!

Maria @ or

Glad to help Maria :) BTW, your cakes are lovely

love it and love all your work :-)

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It came out GREAT~~~ I was wondering how did you make the face plate? I have a cake like this coming up and I’ve never done one before?

Crys, Kitty Cakes,

Hi Kitty, the face guard is 50/50 gum paste and fondant. Rolled out and set to dry. One in the shape of a U the other a C. The size will depending on how large/small your cake is. I hope this help and share when your done @ I’d love to see it :)