My name is John i am the creator of Crezart, and the fictional characters of ' the sweetles ', who are designed to inspire and assist you in the understanding of modelling techniques in sugar paste for cake decoration through the tutorials , ' the sweetles ' are fictional characters, and any likeness is purely coincidental.I completed my Trades certificate in 2010 as a Pastry Chef, and during my work experience,enjoyed decorating with both sugar paste and marzipan as mediums for cake decorations. I love the tactile qualities, and the ability to both color and shape in my creative ways and I began to specialize and further develop my skills, in the pursuit of not only understanding the behavior, but to impart my knowlegde, and teach others, so as to make the transition of modelling figurines more easier and enjoyable to form. I believe i am leading a trend into building and designing sculptures that do not require the use of internal supports, thus preventing damage to the models, and more importantly reduces any risk to the consumer.

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Hello John. I must say I think your characters are wonderfully imaginative, creative, fun and fantastic! You are a ‘Cake Illustrator’ in my opinion. Pure Brilliance. Thank you for such fabulous inspiration :) xx

'It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done' Nelson Mandela