Thank you so much, my dear Camelia 🤗😘

-- Clara

Very beautiful! 😀❤

-- Olina's taarten

Beautiful 😘😍♥️

-- AndyCake

Woooow…..Incredibly beautiful!!!

-- RadmilaB

Very beautiful!

-- Darina

This is so nice, Clara.


I love your comments, my dear friends 😘❤️

-- Clara

Your peony is so lovely! 💗

-- Dáša Krettová

They are stunning Clara! I think wafer paper is your medium!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

So very lovely, Clara! And it appears that the beautiful flowers have inherited your charming and cheerful smile :)

-- The Garden Baker

Thank you all, my friends, for the beautiful comments and support!

-- Clara

Such a delightful cake….

-- Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎


-- Mis dulces tentaciones

Very beautiful! ❤

-- I work as a qualified nurse and cakes are just my great hobby .

Thank you June, Asya and Liviera 😘❤️

-- Clara

Thank you so much, dear Jolana 😘

-- Clara


-- Anka

So beautiful ❤

-- Maira Liboa cakes


-- Bobbie Bakes

Thank you so much Anka, Dari, Maira and Bobbie!

-- Clara

Thank you, dear ladies 😘😘

-- Clara

Gorgeous!!! 😍♥️😘

-- SweetUs

Thank you my darling sister ❤️😘

-- Clara

Thank you dear Maria 😘

-- Clara

Thank you, my dear friend 😘

-- Clara

Gracias, Cristina 😘

-- Clara

Beautiful love the water paper flowers 💖😊😍

-- Dubey Cakes

Beautiful love the water paper flowers 💖😊😍

-- Dubey Cakes

Thank you, Bethann 😘

-- Clara

Bella ❤️❤️❤️❤️

-- Cristina🍰

So Beautiful 💖😊😍

-- Dubey Cakes

Stunning 😍😍🥰

-- Penny Bakes

Thank you Cristina, Bethann and Penny 😘❤️

-- Clara

Unbelievably beautiful. I I’ve the delicate edges and the asymmetrical lines. Such a wonder. Did you also make the flowers on top? I am new to all this so forgive me if that is a silly question! I just can’t imagine how you even begin to figure out how to make flowers like that, lol! Sure would love to learn…

Thanks so much for taking the time to nicely photography your cakes and share here. Are you a pro baker? Well in my mind you are so I guess that doesn’t matter, lol. I just am curious how to get so good at all this creative cake baking.

Cheers and happy baking in 2021,

Wow, Anne, this is the best comment ever to me!
I’m not sure to deserve such appreciation…
I’m not a professional, just an amateur 😊
Yes, I made the flowers too.
If you’d like to learn how to master wafer paper, you will find some tutorials on YouTube and on (there are some I made too 😋)
Thank you again for your lovely words 😘

-- Clara