Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

What a great interview! Such a lovely lady, with amazing creations!

Sweet Bites by Ana

Your cookies are amazing!

Loan Phan

Great interview! Your cakes are beautiful and your cookies … wow, they are amazing Heba xx

Sandra Smiley

Thank you, Heba, for sharing a bit of yourself with your fellow artists/fans! You are an amazing sugar artist and I really enjoyed getting to know you a little better.

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Thank you Toni, Ana, Loan and Sandra :) xx Sending you each a hug. Your compliments mean alot to me.

Penny Sue

Lovely to read all about you, I love your cookies,

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Thanks Penny Sue :) xx

Shorna's Cake Corner

What a great interview!! Love your work 😍😍😍. I wish I could pipe royal icing cookie like that…


Great interview! I love you work Heba! ❤️

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Wonderful interview!!!

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Thank you so much ladies! :) xxx


Great interview Heba!!! ❤

Jeanne Winslow

Love this interview, Heba! So good to know more about you.

Mero Wageeh

Oh wonderful interview Heba 💕

Miss Trendy Treats

Wow!!! Great interview!! Thank you so much for sharing your story, and your creations with us all…you are such an inspiration! :) xoxo

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Thank you SO VERY MUCH my friends, I am touched by all the love <3 <3 <3 xxx

Antonia Lazarova

Great interview! <3

Olina Wolfs

Wonderful interview!😀🤗

Elli Warren

Big congratulations Heba!! Wonderful interview!! You are such an amazing and supportive member of CakesDecor!! Love your work!! :-) xx

Sweet Dreams by Heba

THANK YOU Antonia & Olina and Elli <3 <3 I appreciate each of you and thank you VERY much Elli for that huge compliment. I love supporting and uplifting others and am always there for anyone who needs help or advice. xxx

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Lovely interview…nice to know more about you…❤️

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Thanks June :)

Calli Creations

Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into your interesting life and fascinating time in the medical field! Egypt has been on my bucket list to visit since my art college days when I studied Egyptian art and find the culture absorbing and fascinating.
You are an inspiration to so many of us and so supportive and caring of everyone. Love your creatibe versatility and you clearly have the heart of an artist, striving to do more and learn more. The creative journey never stops.
Loved reading your interview and I love chocolate too, 😘❤️

Aurelia's Cake

Wonderful interview!!! <3

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Calli, you have to go!! Don’t let media fool you, it’s a beautiful and safe and exciting place to visit!! Any time you want tips or ideas or advice, I’d be glad to share everything I know about Egypt with you. Thank you for your compliments and to you too, Aurelia!! <3 xx

Pamela Jane

Awesome interview, Heba! I enjoyed getting to know more about you and see your sense of humor. I’d love to have a robot too! ;-) Your creations are beautiful and you are always a wonderful cheerleader to so many of us in the cake community!

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Thank you VERY much, Pamela, I appreciate that :) xx

Cake Topperz( TASNUTA ALAM)

Wow!! Great interview!! ❤❤

Angela Penta

Congratulations Heba!!! Love your work! ❤️

Sweet Dreams by Heba

THANK YOU both!! :) xx <3

Gabriela Doroghy

Wonderful interview, dear Heba!!!
I enjoyed getting to know more about you and to see that we think so alike ;)
I admire Nadia, Carla Puig and Marta Torres, I love their work and I would love to take class and learn from them… :)
Your cakes and cookies are wonderful and I love your work!!! <3 :*

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Thank you very much Gabriela :) xx

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Thank you very much Stefy <3 xx :)

Emily Calvo

ohhhh so lovely to read!!!! A wonderful story indeed!!! xxxx

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Thanks so much :)

Nasa Mala Zavrzlama

Great interview Heba! It’s nice to know something more about you! :-D

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Vasilije, thank you VERY much for your sweet words :)


Wonderful & interesting answers Heba! I’ve had the joy of meeting you so reading this is extra special. Congratulations! Love to see you in the spotlight 💓😚

Sweet Dreams by Heba

I miss your hug and laughs Cristina, and thank you for your kind words!! :) xx

Teresa Pękul

Piękne ciasteczka :)

Sweet Surprizes

Your cookies are simply awesome.

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Thank you both! :) x

Dragons and Daffodils Cakes

Lovely to read about you

Your cookies are incredible

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Thank you very much, Rhianydd x

Gulcin Tekkas

Woow. Great. Congratulations Heba <3 <3 <3

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Thank you Gulcin! :) xx

Lisa Provenza-Bebar

You are my favorite, Heba, and such a dear friend! I loved this interview and the showcase of your beautiful work. Your work is such a wonderful expression of your sweet heart for your family and friends. We adore you♥️

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Thanks Lisa, I love you…. you’re always so real and a good friend. xx


Awesome Post I had never seen post like this before..