Maxine Kristi Morris

Your cakes are all just beautiful!

Cinta Barrera

Thank you so much,same to you, it’s lovely, congratulations

Josie Borlongan

New follower…love your work! :)

Artisan Confections by Ana

Beautiful cakes and cookies. I like your color combinations and your balcony… ;) The view is awesome!


Congrats Dina!!!xxx


Decororator of the week YAY…….good good Dina, Congratulations, so well deserved and very happy for you :-)


OMG - Just received an e-mail from CD and I am the CAKE DECORATOR of the week, yay !! So happy!! Thank you to all who have been there with me since I started and you know who you are !!

… Starting with you Lori-Ann and Sasi!!


Congratulations Dina! :-)

Sweet Janis

Yay Dina!!! Cake decorator of the week: So happy for you! Well deserved, I love your cakes!Cakie hugs!! <3 <3 <3


NooMoo, Barbara, you have always encouraged me with your lovely words and support, thank you so much!

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Dear Dina, congratulations for being Cake Decorator of the week!!!! Well deserved!!!!!!

Unusual cakes for you

Congrats on decorator of the week. So well deserved you gorgeous lady xxxxx

Gulnaz Mitchell

O, Dina, my dear friend, congratulations on being Decorator of the week, so well deserved! So happy for you!xoxo


Yay Dina Congratulations on being Cake Decorator of the Week….Happy Dance <3

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™

Wahooooo! An awesome choice for Cake Decorator of the Week! SO, SO, SO happy for you Dina! You are not only talented and sweet but such a supportive member of CD – one of the first to welcome me and regularly comment on my work. So stoked to see your beautiful work displayed on the front page of CD!

Laura Loukaides

Dina!! Congratulations on Cake Decorator of the Week!!
You always display such lovely cakes. So well deserved!! Xx

Elli Warren

Yeyyyyy Dina!!! congratulations on cake decorator of the week!!!!! am so so happy for you!!! you so deserve it, your work is beautiful and you are such a supportive, kind and wonderful lady!!! thank you for always been so supportive to me too!!! love your work!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :-) xx

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

YOU ROCK Dina!!!!! Lol Congratulations on being Cake Decorator of the Week!!!! Happy Dance!!!! xxx

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Congratulations on being this weeks Cake Decorator of the Week!!! Sorry for the late Congratulations Dina! I only got to sit down and check out things here on Cakes Decor! It’s been a busy day!


CakeHeaven, Robin, Gulnaz, Jo, Violet, Laura, Elli, Ana, Toni, thank you my dear and lovely friends for your support. Love you all :-)

Pauline Soo (Polly) - Pauline Bakes The Cake!

Yoohoo! Congratulations on Cake Decorator of the Week! Have just seen this after days of resting on my back! I am so happy for you! :) xoxoxo


Pauline <3
Thank you so so much!!!

Fifi's Cakes

How WONDERFUL to see you are Cake Decorator of the Week!!! :) :) Congratulations Dina! xx


FIfi, thank you VERY much !!


Thank you very much Dina for your kind words and support we really appreciate it :-) cake hugs xxx

Starry Delights

yayyyy Dina :) i am soo happy to see you are a decoratior of the week :) well deserved hun :) big hugs xx


Yili, thank you SO SO much !!!


Congratulations with cakedecorator of the week Dina!!

Karla (Sweet K)

Congrats Dina, well deserved Cake decorator of the week :)


Daantje, and Karla, thank you so so so much for your support; I really appreciate it!


Congratulations on Decorator of the Week!! Well deserved!! :)


Thank you so much jan14grands!!

The Beverley Way Collection, Beverley Way Designs USA

You have such amazing cakes! Thank you for your comment on my first addition here. Such a supportive group!


Thank you Beverley!!

Gulnaz Mitchell

Thank you soooooo much, Dina! You are always so supportive! Appreciated so much, my friend!
Yes, Dina, I was on facebook when you dropped the news! Thank you, darling for making my morning so special!


These are gorgeous and well done on getting decorator of the week!


Gulnaz, my pleasure!!

Carol, thank yo so much !!


Congratulations on making top 3 yesterday hope you have a wonderful Christmas and we both look forward to seeing more of your cakes next year love Nats and Debs xx


Nice to know your names, Nats and Debs!! Thank you for leaving me this wonderful message and Merry Christmas to you too !!

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Hi Dina I checked the FB site you mentioned but I have to sign up to enter so I do not think I can compete! Thanks a lot just the same!

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Thanks for following me Dina, cant believe I dont follow you already! Love all your cakes!
Well, I do now ;-)

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Dear Dina, Thank you so much for you comments on my cake!!! I had never done a cake all by myself before, although I help my mum sometimes. I never imagined that anyone would comment on my cake, so I was really happy when I received the first comment from you! Thank you again!!!


AWG Hobby Cakes

happy birthday lovely !! hope you have the most wonderful day ! xxx


Thank you so much, Wallace; really appreciate it <3

AWG Hobby Cakes


Sweet Rocket Queen (Simona Stabile)

Hi Dina! Follow you also here on CD!

Little Apple Cakes

Thank you for the follow Dina <3

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Hi Dina, thanks for the message you left on my profile page!! I just thought that it was time you all saw how I looked like!!!! It was really difficult to choose a photo though!!! LOL!!!

Agatha Rogowska ( Cakefield Avenue)

Hey Dina, thanks for the follow xxx

The Rosebud Cake Company

Just looking through all your cakes. I can’t pick a favourite they are all brilliant. Xx