I’m learning. Soon I will put my cakes here. Thank you.


hi, how do i upload pictures?? im new i just joined :D

Michal Bulla

Click on “Cakes” button on the top left and you’ll see big button “ADD NEW CAKE” on the left side ;)

It's a Cake Thing

Just joined your site today….and LOVING it already!!

Sweets By Monica

Loving your site!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this website Michal! It is wonderful, and so easy to use. Thank you so much for creating it!!

Michal Bulla

I’m glad you all enjoy being here. We will try to keep the site simple and easy to use, but bring you new features as well.


Thanks I star to enjoy this web..very nice.

CourtHouse Cake Company

Just want to give you a HUGE THANK YOU for this platform you have given us to share our work!! Art can be a lonely occupation! Love that I can get to see so much inspiration daily. Thank you Michal.

Michal Bulla

Oh, thank you for the positive feedback. I’m glad you like being here…we’re trying to do our best ;)

christine knowler

Hi all ….I am a new member just finding my way around …………..


very nice site

Michal Bulla

Thank you! I hope you’ll enjoy it ;)

Becky Pendergraft

So Michal…just wondering if you have any plans for “Cupcake Themes” blog series in the works? Love all the Cake Theme blog posts you’ve done so far but was just curious! ;)

Michal Bulla

Sure, I can post “Cupcake Themes” next time, but isn’t it too general? There are around 800 cupcakes posted already.

Becky Pendergraft

Well, I was thinking something along the lines of how you’re doing the Cake Theme posts now, Purple Cakes, Hello Kitty Cakes, Ruffled Cakes, etc. They would have individual themes but use cupcakes instead of cakes!

Michal Bulla

Hmm, that’s a good idea. Any ideas of what Themes of cupcakes should be picked?

Becky Pendergraft

Oh, dear – now you’re putting the work on me! ;) Have to admit I hadn’t put much thought into that! I love the themes you’ve used with the cakes so far, perhaps something along those same themes? Color cupcakes (pink, purple, yellow, etc.), character cupcakes (Hello Kitty, Star Wars, Angry Birds, Lego, etc.), Wedding cupcakes, Baby Shower cupcakes, Floral cupcakes perhaps?

Michal Bulla

Alright, I will think about it and try to find out which theme would be the best.

Beih Jiménez

gracias :)

Michal Bulla

No hay de que :)

Fifi's Cakes

Thank you Michal for such an encouraging cake sharing site. I found this page through Rock Cakes’ post on Facebook. Her work is awesome!! xx

Nessa Avetria - Panaglima

Hi, Michal! Since yesterday that I found and today that I joined in this site… I can say that I love being around here :) so, thanks MUCH!

Michal Bulla

I’m glad you joined us, enjoy!

La Verne

Thank you so much Michal, i’m so overwhelmed knowing you liked my Dora Cake. Such a privilege for a newbie like me to keep aspiring and striving for more..God bless!!


Hi, just wanted you to know that my creepy witches finger cookies won the Fiona Cairns Halloween Contest. So exciting!!!! Sharing this news because you liked my picture.
Dina from miettes

Here’s the link:


_*Hi Michal,I need help, I’m not upload the photos, I expire the pages _*

Michal Bulla

Sweethomecakes → I noticed that you uploaded some cakes already, do you still have the problem with uploading? If yes, could you be more specific?


Happy New Year Michal :D

Roser Velazquez

Happy New Year Michal!! from spain :)

Michal Bulla

Thank you all and Happy New Year ;)

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Looking forward to more great cakes on the site in 2013.
I have a curiosity question? What is the criteria for cakes on CakesDecor to make the top “15” on the main page? Don’t see any explantion anywhere on the site. Just wonderin……

Michal Bulla

Thank jchuck and Happy New Year!

There is an algorithm that takes views, favorites and comments – the more the cake have, the better. We’re checking the comments to prevent possible cheating of course.


Hello Michal,

I have a question too, If my cake ever made it to the top 15 would i receive an email to say so.

Michal Bulla

Hey pamz, the answer is no…you’ll be notified only if your cake makes it to Daily top 3.


Ok, thank you Michal.


Hello Michael,

Hope you are well. I was wondering if you could help me please.

On facebook when you create a page, you also get to create a web address. say for example if i wanted to create www.facebook/lemontreecakes
but for some reason I am not able to. i was hoping that you might be able to help as cakesdecor also has a facebook page i thought you might have some idea as to how i can go about doing it. I have looked at the help pages on FB but not sure where i need to be looking. Sorry to bother you but if you can help me i would appreciate it.

thank you
Pamz :)

Michal Bulla

Hi Pamz – I tried to create a facebook page with name lemontreecakes – works well. The only thing I can’t do is to set the address to lemontreecakes -it’s because there is a facebook page with that name already.

I hope this helps.


hello Michal thank you so much for this wonderful site, I love it!!!!


Thank you for the warm welcoming. well, l I am a new member with a bunch of quest. Here is the first one ;)

Can I share toppers? or only cakes and cupcakes?

Michal Bulla

Hi Astrid: You can share cakes, cupcakes, toppers, cake pops, cookies ;)


Thanks for the answer so now I can tell you that this site is becoming a “problem website” (in a very good way) for me, there are many wonderful creations, and extraordinary info. and more and more. I am going to need extra time during my breaks in order to see the entire website. Thanks again and have a great week ahead.

Terri Coleman

Thanks Michal for liking/commenting on my Open Book cake. I went to check out the new posts on the Cake Gallery page and noticed that the pic of my cake was missing from it…not sure if it’s just me or if no one can see it from the Gallery. Maybe it will re-appear… :) This is a great site FULL of inspiration and I thank you for it! Have a great day!

Michal Bulla

Hey Terri, I can see you cake in the gallery and I’m sure that all our members can see it ;). The gallery page is cashed, so it takes some time after adding the cake to be visible on the gallery page ;)


Thank you Michal.


Thank you.


Thank you Michal

Susana Silva

Good night Mr Michal, I wonder why my teddy bear sailor, that was in 5th place Cakes Decor ranking, suddenly disappeared?
Thanks for your reply.

Michal Bulla

Hi Susana,

it’s DAILY TOP 15 – it means that once a cake is older than 1 day, it disappears.


Cake Sweet Cake By Tara

I love this site , here i feel like i’m with my friends who have the same talent , activities and hobbies … i can’t stay away from this site any more …

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