Penny Sue

Penny Sue

This had to travel over 4 hours to the venue!! Made it there perfectly, all hand made flowers.

Penny Sue

Penny Sue

Hand made flowers, and buttercream wedding cake.

Penny Sue

Penny Sue

Penny Sue

Penny Sue

Australian elements requested on this wedding cake!

Penny Sue

Penny Sue

Hand made violets and hydrangea sponge cake.

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Beautiful work Penny….following you 🖒

Penny Sue

Thank you Shorna. :)


Everso lovely!

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Thank you for your kind compliment, Penny Sue! I have been enjoying your cakes for a while now. Following you back!


Thank you for the follow Penny! I’m following you back, your cakes are gorgeous <3

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The you, sweet Penny! I always enjoy seeing your cakes!

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Thank you!!! Congratulations on your creations, they are beautiful!!!

Penny Sue

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Amazing cakes,It’s my pleasure to follow you.

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Thank you for following me and for your comments, Penny Sue. Thank you for your posts. I will follow you and certainly I will find inspiration and ideas in every cake. Your cakes are lovely!!…


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