Viviana & Guelcys

Thank you!


Beautiful!! I want to make it for my son’s bday this weekend along with Mater, but don’t know where to start!! LOL

Viviana & Guelcys

Thank you! We are planning on posting a tutorial on our blog soon.
Here’s the link

Viviana & Guelcys

Icing, since we won’t be posting the tutorial before you need it, the best advice that i can give you is to have a model. I used a large Lightning McQueen Toy as a reference for carving the cake. Also, its easier to carve the cake if its been chilled (but not frozen). Last bit of advice when you are trimming cake away, its better to go in small steps, you can always cut more away, but it’s much harder to add it back. :) Good luck and happy caking!