Karen's Cakes And Bakes.

Hi Lori,new follow from me-love those cake pops.Something I’ve never tried(or had the patience!) to do.x

Lori Goodwin (Goodwin Girls Cakery)

Oh, you’re so sweet, and thank you! They are a little tedious to do(IMO) but with such fun results! I am fortunate that the people who order them usually kind of just give me the theme and let me do my thing! ;) Makes it fun!! Thank you for the follow💕

il mondo di ielle

Hi Lori!! your cake are very beautiful!!

Lori Goodwin (Goodwin Girls Cakery)

Thanks so much!! Your modeling work is gorgeous! 😍


Hi Lori!… have beautiful cakes❤

Lori Goodwin (Goodwin Girls Cakery)

Thank u so much❤️