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Allow me to be your first follower! Loving that St Ives cake! :-)

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How exciting thank you so much Julie :) x

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Hi Ellie, thanks a lot for the lovely comment you left on my profile page!!! I am in love with your cakes too, in fact I am already following you!!! Keep up the good work and hope to see more of your lovely creations soon!!!

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Amazing cakes :-D:-D:-D

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I love you very wonderful cakes:) I follow you from Italy


Thank you Ellie, your cakes are beautiful too :-)

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Hi Ellie, Your cakes are beautiful, look forward to seeing lots more :-) xxx

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aw thank you everyone it is so lovely to hear your comments, it is very humbling x

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Hi Ellie, thank you for finding me as it now means I have found you too!

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AW Thanks Jen x

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Hi Ellie xx New follower from me now too xx You’re cakes are amazing!! And what a lovely part of the country you live in too xx

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thank you Karen, I am originally from Bath which is just down the road from where we live now. Love it here x

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Hi Ellie, congrats for your cakes from Italy, I love them!! :)

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Hello thank you so much x

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aw thank you Kate and Alana :) x

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Thank you Ellie for your wonderful comment. Your cakes are wonderful as well. I’m happy to follow your work now!


new follower here as im new to this site and sadly I cant make cakes of my own at all due to an op on my back but love the cakes on here works of art!

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Hello from Tennessee, Ellie!


Fabulous cakes, new follow to catch more 😊


Hi Ellie, your cakes are amazing as well.
I love your wizard of oz superb!!

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Ellie you cakes and modeling is amazing love your work xoxoxo thank you

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Hi Ellie, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my gold wedding cake. That’s was made for my first wedding fayre in Feb last year and yes the response was very good, to my surprise :) x

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Thank you so much for the lovely comment I am sooo flattered :)


hello I am new here

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Been following you already Ellie! thank you for being so lovely


Hi Ellie!!! New follower from me too!! Gorgeous cakes really fabulous work!!!

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Hi Ellie, you live in a lovely part of the UK! I fell in love with Bath while reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and try to visit every time I come to London!

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wonderful cakes!