The finished cake was certainly worth it. It’s brilliant.

Elli Warren

Thats amazing Layla!!! You are so clever!! Love this!! Thank you for sharing!! :-) x


Wow brilliant! TFS! xx


Wow! Stunning job! Thank you so much for sharing! Brilliantly done! xx

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Love seeing all the steps! Thanks.


Thank you !!

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Thank you xx


what a cool cake , thanks for sharing :)

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Fantastic tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

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For the love of cake (Laylah Moore)

Thanks for all the comments, really glad you like it, btw I bought the little lights on eBay for only a couple of pounds :-)

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Well done thanks for sharing x

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Fantastic tutorial ! Thank you !


Wowww thank you for sharing Laylah <3 xx



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For the love of cake (Laylah Moore)

Glad you all like it, hope you find it helpful xx

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Great tutorial Laylah :)


Great tutorial Laylah :)

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how did you make the wings and how did you attach them to the cake?