These are awesome cakes!!! Thanks for the post Laura. I wish I had the nerve to try a gravity cake.

-- Jennifer,

FAB … so many that I love … including yours!!

-- Dina @ miettes,

Those are such an amazing cakes! I love Gravity Defying Cakes, and can’t stop watching them! :)

Lovely blog, thank you for featuring my Room on the Broom cake, means a lot. What a great bunch of cakes… of my favourite are gravity defying!

-- Zoe @ sweet foxylicious x

I love all of your blogs Laura! Thank you so much for featuring my floating ghost!! So cool to be included with such a great group of artists!! <3

-- Steph ~

Awesome cakes Laura! Thank you so much for featuring my Angry Birds cake. xx

-- Elisabete Caseiro, Portugal,

I simply LOVE gravity defying cakes. Thanks Laura for this excelent blog and for including my bear cake on it <3

-- Sandra

Awesome collection!!! :)

WOW, what a collection of talented cakes :)

-- Cake A Chance On Belinda

Some of my favourite cakes! Love them all, great selection!

-- Mel, Yorkshire,

Thank you for the feature Laura! These are all so inspiring..!

-- Guilt Desserts ~ Satisfy Your Guilty Pleasures ~

Amazing Cakes! Thanks for sharing Laura ;)

-- -- Michal, | My Facebook:

These are all soooo amazing. I love the animal ones best!! Thanks for posting some great cakes Laura ;-) here is my one and only gravity defying cake!

-- sugar and art - perfect combination!

hi, first time seeing this site. It is marvelous. Will you help me in getting some sort of tutorial showing me how to make a gravity defying princess/castle cale for my 7 year old granddaughter. I would appreciate it very much. I just love all these cakes thanks

Thanks for highlighting two of my cakes. It’s an honour, especially from you.