Pink peony cake

-- Art Cakes Prague

Pink peony cake

-- Art Cakes Prague

Amazing works of perfection, Victoria… welcome to CakesDecor!

-- Julez,

Thank You!!!

-- Art Cakes Prague

Beautiful work, new follower…

You have such a creative talent! love your work!!

-- Chris

Thank you! Its a great honor for me to be in the community of confectioners and decorators!

-- Art Cakes Prague

love your cakes beautiful work, new follow here and looking forward to seeing more

-- Shannon of Sweet ObsesShan

Gorgeous work follow from me :)

-- Sweet-E

Hi Victoria, have just seen more of your gorgeous cakes. How do you find the time to make them as you have posted loads this week. Do you ever sleep or do you end up working through the night. Your cakes are amazing and look like lots of work has gone into the. What the secret ?

-- gateaux de mandy

Oh, I’m sorry, I thought the confectioners have their Galleries on CakeDecor. So I downloaded many of my cakes from my Gallery. But I’ve been working as confectioner one year and during that time has made a huge number of desserts. This is not all my work, basically I am engaged in design and organization of the Dessert Tables. You can see some here
But I really sleep a little)))

-- Art Cakes Prague

My story is amazing and wonderful. I’ve never been a decorator, especially confectioner. And one day my life changed completely! You can read about here: I can’t believe that in a single year I became familiar with the most famous confectioners of the world. I really appreciate your comments! Thank you very much!!!

-- Art Cakes Prague

Hi Victoria. New follow from me too :)

-- Once Upon a Cake by Dorianne

Thank you, Dorianne! You are welcome!

-- Art Cakes Prague

Hi Victoria, Thanks for following! Just saw your cakes and they are beautiful and stunning. You have a new follower :).

I love your work, a new follow from me so I don’t miss any :) xx

-- Sensational Sugar Art by Sarah Lou

You have the most exquisite cakes!

-- Kristyne & Sofia

Victoria, your creations are amazing! Already your big fan on Facebook. Ochen priyatno videt russkie talanti na CD! Looking forward seeing more of your fabulous creations!

-- Gulnaz Mitchell, New Zealand,

I’m blown away at the beauty of your creations and can’t wait to see more! New follower xx

-- Kristy, Texas -

you have such a wonderful talent x

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Really lovely work!!! You have a new follower Victoria!!

-- Life is too sweet to be bitter

Wonderful work!! New follower:-)

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Your work is exquisite!!!! New follower here!!

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Beautiful cakes! New follow from me!

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Thank you so much for the follow, sending one back your way :)

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Beautiful work….following you

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Thanks Shorna!

-- Art Cakes Prague