Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Yea! I see you signed up! Now you need to start posting some of your gorgeous creations! Once you get the hang of navigating around this site, you will love how warm and friendly everyone is!

Allways Julez

Yay!!!! The worst part about signing up for something new…. IT LOOKS LIKE YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS!!! LOL
I posted a cake 2-3 hours ago, but they must be still assessing my pic…
It’s taken me a couple of hours to figure out, I can add things to a “favourites” list…
Thank you, Toni, for your encouragement, support & help. XXX

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

That’s strange, I don’t remember how it was when I first signed up, but it shouldn’t take long for your picture to show up. When I post one, it shows up instantly. Maybe try re-posting it, or post another one. It will take a little while, but you will get the hang of it here. You will find a lot of people you follow on Facebook on here. When you follow someone on here, you will get an email notice when they add a new cake. I’m off to bed, hope to see some of your lovely cakes on here in the morning!

Lisa Salerno

Thanks for your lovely comment , hope to see more of your cakes in the future x Lisa x


Welcome to CakesDecor!!

Kate Plumcake

Welcome : ) beautiful cake!!!


Hi Julez just visited your Facebook page! Wow, brilliant work. Love your work! Welcome to cakesdecor! :-)


Thank you for stopping by and saying happy birthday, was very lovely! Hope you had a wonderful Xmas and new year and welcome to cakes decor!!


Hello Julez, welcome to cakes decor! Your cakes are absolutely sensational!!
Many thanks for your commenting on my bling shoe, really appreciate your kind words. Hoping to see more of your beautiful cakes in this new year.

Gulnaz Mitchell

Dear Julez! Welcome to Cakesdecor! You’ve just joined a few days ago, no wonder I missed your cakes, because of holidays, been very busy. Your cake are just AMAZING! Thank you for lovely comments on my cake and FB page! Looking for to see more of your gorgeous creations!
Gulnaz xoxo


Thank you so much for the help with the choc mousse cake, it’s a winner – will let you know how it turned out 18th Jan wedding.

Allways Julez

Awww Bev, your so sweet.
Look… I am pretty much an open book… a lot of stuff is self-taught due to my commercial decorating background. I was regularly “thrown in the deep end” with an order… with no time for research or lessons.
“Back in the day”, there was no internet, so you just had to figure stuff out yourself.
I did a tech college course back in 1980 (yeah…. I know, that makes me “mature age”, hell… OLD!!! LOL).
No cutters, texture mats, airbrush… or any other really cool stuff, available now!
I don’t come from an affluent background, and I have health and other issues that seriously restrict my budget… so I am a self-confessed “Queen of Cheap”!
Anything you want help on, JUST ASK… I’ll help if I can. Just be warned… it might not be the technically correct way of experts. I can only share, what I know.
Julez XXX

Time for Tiffin

i like your list of ethics im self taught and just winging it most of the time, but try and help and support other’s as much as possible!


Dear Julez,

I love your write up above. Thanks for following a complete novice. You are really sweet!


Allways Julez

You’re welcome Radhika… I’ll follow anyone with great cake!
You young’ins are up with the latest trends!

The Custom Cakery

Hi Julez, I wanted to pop on to say I respect your decision re Facebook. It really is a strange beast and one that’s becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. You are an amazing cake artist and and an inspiration to many.

As a small business you’ve helped me consolidate my thinking. I have only once done a tagging session and have been wondering whether I should do more to try and increase my followers. You’ve made me decide to stick with my gut instinct, it isn’t what matters. I will stay focused on keeping my customers happy and developing my skills.

Thanks Julez and all the very best to you xx

Fifi's Cakes

thank goodness you’re still here!! I am tempted to delete my fb page too. It used to be a great community sharing and caring facility but those days are gone! Ditto Mellie… stick with cake love! It’s what matters. xx

Allways Julez

Thank you, so very much Mellie and Fiona!!!
I will be here!!!… not so many cakes this year. Last year was a lot of experimentation, including a lot of “foam blanks” as well, as i tried to get an idea of whether there would be enough local interest to start a business.
Due to a lot of factors, I decided not to go that way… just stick to doing what I want!
This year will be just cake, celebrating special days in my life.
I would like to do something to celebrate “Australia Day” which is 26 Jan! Haven’t been over here much in the past couple of days… had a lot on my mind, as you both understand.
Now feeling calmer than I have, in a long time. No frustration. No Regrets.
Strangely enough when I announced that I was closing my page, and would be back to do some final shares of my biggest supporters, it created some interest! After the first few, Marta posted on my wall, that her page had “just lit up like a Christmas tree” with all my stuff. My husband found the same thing on his personal page. Apparently I crossed some line, and the facebook boffins unfroze my page. I did about 2 dozen shares, then went to check my feed for one last time. I think I could see the feed of EVERY single page that I liked! It took about 4hrs to work through it. But I thanked every single one of the pages, that I could see, that had supported me. Comments flooded into my homepage like a farewell party! Unfortunately, due to differing time-zones, the U.S. followers probably missed the celebration!!!
Will probably post a couple more of my faves from last year. Will re-brand to Allwaysjulez for 2014 cakes.
Love that you popped over to leave me a message!
Julez XXX <3

The Custom Cakery

Making changes can be stressful but also empowering. I can imagine it’s been a very emotional few days xx

Will look forward to your Australia Day cake!

Calli Creations

Your cakes show class and an artists eye!!! each one so perfect. well done and sorry to see you do not have a page… would love to showcase your work and maybe in the future you will put up another page :) I see you were also in the commercial sector. that is where I started too… funny how its led to cakes. :)

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Like your “cakey” ethics. Wonderful cakes. Your very talented….

Roby's Sweet Cakes

amazing work!


Thanks for your comment, your cake are amazing :) you are an artist!!!
Eliza xoxo


Gorgeous cakes !!! wow !!!

Cakes For Precious Moments

Wow your work is amazing!!!! X


Loved your facebook página… new like from ;)

S & J Foods

love your work ethic:-) so many people dnt like sharing and to be honest that is how we are able to grow as individuals and develop in our professions…I like u already:-)

Enza - Sweet-E

Hello I’m now following you :)

Edible Essence Cake Art

Hi Julez thank you so much for taking the time and leaving a comment on my profile I’v only just realised people can comment on our profiles too lol new to cakes decor :-/ your cakes are amazing btw WOW now following you xxxx

Little Apple Cakes

A new follow from Little Apple Cakes :)

Fancier Cakes

Your cakes are very beautiful :)

Renay Zamora

Julez your cakes are always so perfect & stunning! I’m so glad I get to see them here on Cakes Decor :) Thanks for your comments and I love your caking ethics list. Love, love, LOVE it!
- Renay

Sato Seran

Julez, u make such beautifull cakes, its because i get to see such creations that i am inspired to work harder and be more creative, hope to get pointers from u and others as i go along..

Betty's Bakery (molecular sensations)

Hello again & thank you for your lovely words! Love your stunning cakes <3!!! XoXo

Rumana Jaseel

Hi Jeluz! Ur cakes are to die for! mind blowing.

Despoina Karasavvidou

Hello!Thank you for the welcome and the beautiful comments.Your cakes are so amazing!

Josie Durney

What awesome work! New follow from me :) so excited to see more!


love your work!

Jen La - JENLA Cake

Hi Julez! Thank you for leaving such a nice welcoming message for me :) Your cakes are absolutely stunning – love how vibrant and colourful they are!


Hi Julez! So glad I found you on fb! Your cakes are so stunning! Goodness me you are an amazing cake designer!

Nuria Moragrega - Cake Mistress

you my dear are bloody brilliant!


Hello Julez thanks for the follow, I am so happy to be following you too, cant wait to see your next cakes <3

Enza - Sweet-E

Hi Julez amazing cakes… so happy to have found you here on CD…love your work….new follow from me…Enza xx

Enza - Sweet-E

Hi Julez thanks so much for the follow x

Akemi Cupcakes

Thank you, sweet :D

Cake Creations by ME - Mayra Estrada

Can’t believe I have missed your amazing work. New follower.

Julie Cain

Thank you for your welcome to CakesDecor. I was surprised how many cakes and names I recognised from facebook.And now I`m looking forward to discovering a few more, Julie xx


Thanks for the sweet comments on my cakes :) new follow on here and I have also liked you Facebook page! Your work is absolutely gorgeous!!!! ~April

Fun Fiesta Cakes

Your talent is outstanding – please continue making cakes – I love them all!

Happyhills Cakes

I was just looking through my profile and can’t believe I wasn’t already following you, I always look out for your cakes!! Just a quick line to say how good it is to see your work and how much I appreciate your support :)