fantastic tutorial!

Aine Cuddihy

Just brilliant. Thanks Christine.

L'Arbre à Gâteaux

Thank you for sharing ;)


Beautiful, thank you…!


Awesome Christine!glad you did it!

Calli Creations

Christine!! a huge thank you for this wonderful tutorial and sharing your amazing floral skills with us… this is on my next list!!! your work is such an inspiration to me and also like to work from real life flowers. many thanks xx


Thank you for sharing… Wonderful tutorial!!

La Lavande Sugar Florist

Thank you all so so much! I cant tell you how much it means to me for you all to comment on my work! So pleased you like it!


Wow this is beautiful, thank you x


Thank you for sharing. Always love your work and your so nice to share the tips


Awesome! Thanks for sharing!


beautiful job, thank you for sharing

Elite Sweet Cakes

Ooooh i loved this tutorial… such a pretty flower thank you.. i’ll follow you for sure


I’m have a question. Steps 9 and steps 10 are confusing. Am i rolling out two pieces very thin, laying one down, setting the wire on top and then setting a second piece on top of that and then smoothing the edges. Or actually inserting a wire into a single, finely rolled piece?

Roswitha Gadei

Thank you for sharing with us, it`s terrific!


What size wire do you use?

Willene Clair Venter

brilliant tutorial, even i who struggle with flowers can follow this


This is so beautiful, speechless!


Just came across this tutorial Christine, it has just made my day! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talents with us, it is so appreciated.

Lori Snow

Thank you so much for the tutorials! They are very helpful. Your work is incredibly beautiful, so lifelike. You are a great inspiration to me.


Is the tutorial still available please?. I came see the step 1 etc but no photos or instructions.