Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

Wonderful!!! Love this Lady, she´s so inspiring and kind (and beautiful too)!!!I have to agree with your son, you are a legend!! Love & lots of LOVE for you and your family!!! xxx

Cake Temptations (Julie Talbott)

What a fabulous interview :) Lovely to learn a little about your background Calli and I’m sure your words will give encouragement to others. xx

Bliss Pastry

What a wonderful interview Calli! And look at how gorgeous you are also!!


Calli is a truly wonderful lady with a big heart as well as enormous talent. She always has time for eveyone (where she gets this time is unbelievable!!) and is soooo encouraging. I appreciate all her comments she makes on my cakes and she has inspired me to try harder !! As she told me..its practise, practise, practise and its true. It certainly builds your confidence and makes you want to try different things.
I love seeing all her creations and to me all jaw dropping. If you could bottle talent and sell it then Calli would be a millionnaire :0)

Antonella Di Maria

You’re a wonderful lady and a great example to all of us. True talent, true art and a true expressional phenomena!
I really enjoyed reading your story of an impressive and colourful life!


I am certain that the water in South Africa has “creative flouride” in it. I loved your interview, and in turn shared it to my page. Wonderful family and so supportive to your creative work. Thank you for sharing your story.

Peter Roberts

Hi Calli
Its so nice to finally put a face to the name loved your article so nice to hear how you started your wonderful creations.
Well done xxxxxxx


Love this. We are definitely very similar


what a wonderful interview !! and it’s nice to put a face to a name !!!
yes you are right! we need to practice !!!

Copy Cat Cakes

What a great interview Calli .. your pic is fabulous (can’t believe you’re a grandmother!!)
I’ve been following your work for a while now .. referred by a lovely cakey friend Paula from Cakes by Paulie.
It’s amazing what a true artist can do with sugar!!! So glad that you’ve found your niche.
warm regards, Sandra (from Sydney)


Wonderfull interview Calli! So pure and honest… I’m proud of you and everything you’ve achieved!
x Ade

Eat Cake

Such a lovely interview, you are truely inspiring Calli, not to mention an incredible artist! Your warm spirit and big heart comes across in everything you do.


What a talented lady you are Calli! Great interview x


What a great interview and what a pretty and talented lady you are!
I hope you i can see something of you at the Cake international London,if you are you win the gold medal :-0

Karla (Sweet K)

Beautiful interview Calli!! You don’t only have gold hands but gold heart..we love your cakes so much!! I wish you a succesfully career (much more) xx


What a wonderful interview.

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

I loved the interview Calli. You are a beautiful person inside and out!

Donna Tokazowski- Cake Hatteras, Hatteras N.C.

I am an admirer from North Carolina, USA, Calli! You are an artist, through and through! You are truly, an inspiration!

Nancy's Fancy's Cakes & Catering (Nancy Goolsby)

Such a great interview, and so wonderful to know about your life~ very inspiring… to a very lovely human being~ I have been following you since Mayan’s page~ I only wish i had 1% of your talent!

Tiffany Palmer

Such a wonderful interview and so nice to put a face to the wonderful words you always have to give to so many! You make absolutely beautiful creations, always encourage and are so awe inspiring. It’s great to see such humbleness. <3


Yes Calli you are a cake Legend and a lovely one at that


I loved your interview. Safe to say so many of us are addicted and love our art. My favorite part is someone saying they don’t want to cut a beautiful cake and watching them do so. Gets me all giddy. You are an inspiration. I love your cakes. If you were closer, I know wheremy next cake would come from.


I absolutely love you interview Calli and your Bio for that matter. What an amazing life you have lived and are living :-). Your artistry is outstanding and i cant wait to see each and every cake, painted cookie , apron and erll everything you create.

Delicia Designs

Lovely interview Callie! You are one incredibly amazing artist and such an inspiration to us all!

G Sweets

Thank you Callie — what a truly inspirational interview. I can’t believe we’ve only been friends for a year… because you have been so generous …. with your time, your talent and yourself! You are so amazingly talented, and with each masterpiece you create, you show a different facet of it! And it seems to be endless. You never cease to amaze me. Love you, Callie-bear! I am and will always be a loyal fan of yours.

Artful Bakery

really lovely interview beautiful Callie!!

Calli Creations

Hello everyone!!! my most profuse apologies for such a late response as two things happened, I could not log on and I was ill. I am much better now though and guess I ate something that did not agree with me.

Well I have read through these wonderful accolades more than once and have even shed tears as they have touched my heart in a big way… I do not even know where to start telling you how much your words mean to me…. so here goes:

I have been watching most of you for a while now and have forged wonderful friendships which I will cherish. Your words are humbling indeed and some of you may have an idea as to why they mean so much to me.
I have found my little patch of happiness with my cakes and can see how much you all feel the same about cake designing and creating…. we are all born to create, it is just a matter of tapping into that creativity and using that right side of the brain… I lent a book to someone who felt she was not an artist, and I know she is, simply by looking at how creative she is, so I hope that book has been opened and read. For anyone who would like to know it, it is called “The Artist’s Way”… powerful reading.

The words from you all have so much sincerity in them and guess that is what touched my soul. I know how much each and every one of you love your cakes and strive for betterment, putting your heart and soul into your designs, which is a true sign of an artist, as we are never perfectly happy with what we produce, always looking for that little extra to improve on… that is a very healthy sign.

I am going to be sending you individual messages of thanks a little later after I have unpacked. I just had to come on-line now to thank you so much for your feedback on my interview that I was so happy to share with you and a HUGE THANKS to Michal Bulla and Cakes Decor who approached me and asked me if I would like to put a bio together…

What a privilege it has been

much love and cakey hugs to you all!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Veenas Art of Cakes

wow, what a lovely interview calli. Loved every word of it.. couldn’t stop reading.

I knew you had grown up sons but didn’t know you were a grand mom too. And I somehow pictured you different. I so love your hair and sweet smile.. It’s nice to finally put a face to all the chat we share over face book.

It’s great to get to know more of you.. Always loved your work. Now I admire you as a person too. I’m touched by your humbleness and warm personality.

love always …..Veena


Calli I just loved this interview. It is fabulous to get to know how you started out in cakes and your natural talent shines through in everything you do. You are not only one of the very best cake decorators I’ve seen but a wonderful lady as well. This is a joy to read and you my dear are a joy to know xoxoxo


My apology for the late massage Calli as I just return from holiday not long ago and am so please to read your wonderful interview :) Calli, you are an inspiration to many of us!! In my eyes, you are already a Lagend :) I am so happy that found a great artist like you to be interviewed as you are the best examples to many new comers like us! I am always at awe of your creations and paintings, I could never imagine if I would be as good as you but hopefully one day. Your words and encouragements and acts of kindness have touch many people … for that reason I truly respect you! Cherish the gift that you have and bring wonders to all of us!! Bless you Calli and best wishes for your future undertakings. Much Love, Joyce xoxo

Rachel Skvaril

Loved the interview and getting to meet the artist behind Callicious Cakes!

The Snowdrop Cakery

Only just managed to get to read this and its a truely lovely interview. You are extremely talented! You once commented on on of my pictures and I felt honoured! I have no idea how you do what you do with sugarpaste but its amazing! Take care, Ange x x x

Calli Creations

Oh my, thank you so much Veena, Jacinta, Joyce, Fondant finger and Snowdrop bakery…. I am deeply touched once agian with your comments. very much appreciated from inspiring talents such as yourselves… thank you so much :) xx


You are a beautiful lady from the inside out..the beauty of your spirit shows in your unique work, and I also can’t believe that you’re a grandmother! I’ve been following your work and I’ve been a fan since you introduced us to your painted cookies. Thank you for the constant inspiration and for the insight into your life :)

Calli Creations

Deema, thank you so much for your beautiful words and for your support… very much appreciated and so pleased you are enjoying your baking and decorating and begin inspired like I am by so many wonderful designers out there xxx


Absolutely loved your interview.Now i can see too who responds on my photos/

Calli Creations

Thank you so much hon!!! xxx

It's a Cake Thing

I finally found some time to read this and love hearing about your journey. You are uber talented and I’m so happy you met your soulmate who gave you that push to being your authentic self. That’s what this is about…finding something you love to do that in turn helps others. Sometimes without even knowing it you have a profound effect on so many people wondering if they can succeed too. You are an inspiration Calli and such a beautiful person inside and out. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us!

Calli Creations

what wonderful words… I am so touched… thank you so much indeed!!! Yes, indeed my main drive is happiness for others, and yes in turn the rewards are tenfold in other ways too… I am humbled by the effect as all I want to do is coddle everyone as well as ring that ding dong bell when I get so inspired by the amazing talent out there… so we all gain something for it in that respect. Share and share alike :)
thanks so much xxx

Sandra Vazquez Lossiseroni

I’m so glad that I saved this interview to read it as it was a great biography. It is such a pleasure to read it, to learn about you and your exciting life journey and your loving family. (all males-lol) After browsing through your cake pictures, I’m thinking she is not a baker, she is not a decorator…she is a master at edible art, a truly talented artist. your cakes are very impressive. You are such an inspirational individual and wish you the best in life and your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Now, off I go to look for you on Facebook…lol

Jen McK Evans

Absolutely loved reading your story Calli, your first cakes were fantastic but you have progressed so much in such a short time. I could relate to many parts of your life and I also took more than 10 years out of art before doing cakes. Your mother was definitely right calling you a “little friend of all the world”, that suits you so much! You’ve been such a support to not only me, but I see the support you give to others too, no matter how new the cake decorator is. You can see it by all the lovely comments here.

Your cakes inspire me every day, so thank you!

Jen xx

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Oh Calli!! My beautiful adopted Mamma! What a fabulous bio and interview!!!
I missed so much while I was away and this is a BIG deal for me because you have been such an important part of my life for a while now. Your class, elegance, grace and sophistication are matched only by your talent, generosity and compassion. I feel humbled to be your friend and am so proud to watch more and more people come to know the exquisite beauty that shows in EVERYTHING you do and say.
Love you Calli :) xxxx


Brilliant interview Calli… great to hear / read your story… and gives me the confidence to keep going! I like you have an artistic eye, but never studied, and have had big gaps away from letting out the artistic side! Look forward to seeing more of your lovely creations! ;o)


Your one amazing Lady Calli, an inspiration to so many including myself, just reading about your life and what you have achieved gives me the kick up the bum that I need to sort myself out.

Calli Creations

I am blown away again on more incredible comments… I am lost for words… yes speechless at the feedback… I am sorry for late responses to you all… my apologies… I love you all, you are all such talented folk too and it is a pleasure to know you and follow you and your creations throughout 2013 and beyond … you all bring me immense joy and so thank you for being a part of my life :)


How have I missed this till now!?

I struggle to find the words to say about the amazing Calli.

She is one of the nicest ladies I have ever ‘met’ and I am honoured to class her as a friend.

A true artist and its great to read the journey to where she is now!

Put simply I just love Calli and her work to bits.

Calli Creations

Wayne you are such a sweetie pops… you have been SO busy I know with your new batch of fabulous creations.. thank you so much… what a lovely thing to say and likewise… Hope to see you at Excel Manchester if you can make it. :)


Lovely interview and gorgeous picture!

Silvia Caballero

Great interview and very inspiring!!! Your cakes are awesome and reflect your creative personality! !!!!Many of us have started as you did…. combining our knowledge of different skills…then there´s a question of time to achieve perfect results. Thanks very much for sharing!


I loved reading this. What stood out for me, more than anything, was the utter joy you get from making cakes for others, and I love that. It was so lovely for you to share your path to cakedom. What an inspiring story! Helenna x