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Valentina your figurines and cakes are fantastic <3 Love tour models xxxx


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Hello Valentina , Your work is absolutely amazing !!!!

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Wow amazing cakes. Very excited to see more x

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Your modling is amazing, such an eye for detail. Looking forward to seeing more!

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you are so very very talented!!! a true artist!!

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Thank you so much Calli <3 Right back to you <3

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Thanks for the follow, I am in awe of your work ever since I found your tutorial on Paul Bradford’s site! I look forward to seeing more of your fantastic work! xxx

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Thank you Christine <3 and thank you Angel

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Здравейте! Едва сега, виждайки българския етикет на тази маркова чанта-уникат, разбирам, че сте от България. Досега само съм се възхищавала на шедьоврите ви, четейки английските коментари!!! Уникално творчество!!!😊💐


I’m in love with your Acts of Green cake!!! 😃😍

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Мерси много Bulgaricakes да ,българка съм, дори живея от юни тази година отново в България, след 17 години в Германия.

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I love your work!

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