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Jul 2014 881 Munich, Germany

Painted cakes #1: My American Cake Decorating Magazine Debut

I am so thrilled to share that I was in the July/August issue of American Cake Magazine with a short tutorial on how to paint a cake with edible food coloring. I hope that you were able to get a copy. Here is my post on my blog with a video...

How to make The Bear (Masha) cake topper fondant tutorial masha e orso pasta di zucchero

How to make Masha out of fondant

This video has been requested many times, and here is it now!!!

Simple writing/ outlining icing (& cellophane cone) tutorial - video

Hello my dears, I can almost never be bothered spending a whole 10 mins whisking to make Royal icing. This is what I use instead. I came up with it through a mixture of laziness and wanting not to use raw egg because I hate the smell. The...

diamond wedding cake tier separator tutorial (video)

Hi all, Here’s a vid I filmed while making my latest wedding cake. You can see more pics and details of the experience (and disasters!) at my blog. I also put a more detailed explanation of what I used and some tips there. The link is...

Covering a dummy in fondant (with sharp corners) - video

Hi all, Here’s a tutorial I filmed not too long ago. Hope you find it useful :) best wishes Sawsen

Little girl cake topper

I hope you enjoy this simple tutorial :) Have a lovely day! Step by step instructions:


Hi lovely people!!!! This is a gift to all of you!!! After several requests I finally had the time to do it. Hope you like it!!! PS: If you need any help just let me know.

Fondant Tutorials #1: Cone of Fondant

Sharp edges on a round cake - the easy way

Want to learn sharp edges the easy way? Well look no further cake fans, I will soon sort you out! Now as a prewarn, easy doesn’t always mean perfect. So what I’m saying is – this method does not provide perfection. Perfect sharp edges yes, but...

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Maria *cakes made with passion*