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Beautiful Srilanka - srilankan king  - Cake by OMG! itss a cake
The royal Challenge Bakerswood  - Cake by daniela cabrera
Edmund J Fluffington and his Ambulatory Litter Box - Cake by Jean A. Schapowal
Garra Yakka -Devil Mask - Cake by Seema Acharya
Paul Walker Bust Cake!  - Cake by Seema Acharya
Girl with Hands - Creepy World Collaboration  - Cake by Jenny Kennedy Jenny's Haute Cakes
My piece for #stainedglassautumnchallenge  - Cake by daniela cabrera
In the realm of mermaids a journey through the fantasy  - Cake by daniela cabrera
Tom Hanks!  - Cake by Seema Acharya
Graduation Cake! - Cake by Seema Acharya
Joker Cake -Joaquin Phoenix version - Cake by K Hall
Wings of Fire  - Cake by Artistic Cake Designs
Golf Cake - Cake by Seema Acharya
Lord Shiva - Cake by bakemesomething
A Tribute to Sri Lanka - Cake by Nilekha's Cakes take a bite