waffer papers

Surrealist flowers - Dali in sugar - Cake by Paula Rebelo
Pennywise - Cake by Tanya Shengarova
Lilies of Wafer paper - Cake by Zuzana Bezakova
White beauty - Cake by Tanya Shengarova
Christening cake - Cake by Tanya Shengarova
Sea cake  - Cake by Diana
In the style of Mamma Mia - Cake by Renatiny dorty
Cheers Couple with Morden Purple Wedding Cake  - Cake by Sheetal chourasia
The Vampire Diaries Cake - Cake by Sugar Chic
Coloured ganache origami cake with wafer paper filler flowers.  - Cake by Pinkle
Unicorn cake - Cake by Zuzana
Harry Potter cake - Cake by Torte Panda
COCA-COLA VINTAGE  - Cake by Heidy Finol
Cake for a man - Cake by Ditsan
Baby shower cake - Cake by Emily's Bakery
Sugar flowers  - Cake by Sugar Cook
Beautiful butterflies  - Cake by Rhona
Birthday cake - Cake by Dijana