Lunch menu! :) - Cake by Antonia Lazarova
Giant Hamburger cake, fries and onion rings - Cake by The Cake Mamba
Scooby Doo cake - Cake by Delice
Gravity Defying Hamburger Cake - Cake by Dkn1973
Hamburger  - Cake by Olina Wolfs
Hamburger cake - Cake by Estrele Cakes
Hamburger cake  - Cake by Akademia Tortu - Magda Kubiś
Mommy's food - Cake by Delice
Burgercake - Cake by Dilek Dağlı
Mc Donalds cake for opening - Cake by Karen Dodenbier
Torta Hamburguesa - Cake by Cecilia Solján
Giant Hamburger - Cake by Karen Dodenbier
Hamburger Cake - Cake by Enza - Sweet-E
Big M! - Cake by Mother and Me Creative Cakes
Scooby Doo loves hamburgers :D - Cake by dortUM
Hamburger cake - Cake by Cuppy & Cake
BBQ Grill Cake  - Cake by It's a Cake Thing
Hamburger and fries!  - Cake by Karen Keaney
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS - Cake by June ("Clarky's Cakes")
Burger cake - Cake by Layla A
50s Themed Drive-In Cake - Cake by Classically Cakes
A burger so sweet.... - Cake by M&G Cakes
Spongebob Hamburger cake  - Cake by The Cake Mamba
BBQ Father's Day - Cake by Sweetjoyfulness