Isomalt Modelling Cakes

pokemon cake with surprise - Cake by OxanaS
christmas cake with flakes - Cake by OxanaS
dance cake - Cake by OxanaS
Frozen Rose  - Cake by Artistic Cake Designs
Cake Uniocornio - Cake by Xelene Atelier
Green-gold  - Cake by Zuzana Bezakova
Crystal cake - Cake by Zuzana Bezakova
 Wedding in red and black - Cake by Zuzana Bezakova
Men's cake - Cake by alenascakes
One cake - two designs  - Cake by Tassik
🍇 Loulou the grape girl 🍇 - Cake by Caking with love
Sunflowers and Aubergine...Botanical Shoe Isomalt Cake Topper - Cake by Bennett Flor Perez
Hello Poppy - Cake by Bennett Flor Perez
Frozen cake... - Cake by Radmila
Swarovski cake & crystal - Cake by Tortolandia
Isomalt decorations chemistry cake - Cake by Carmen Doroga