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Ice Queen - Cake by Crazy Sweets
Cupcakes Cybele, Atalanta and Hippomenes - Cake by Un Cupcake, l'Addition !
Hot Ice Cream Girl (Pin Up Cake Collaboration) - Cake by Gulcin Tekkas
...~Woodland ...~make a wish~... - Cake by Chiki
Ivar The Boneless- Vikings collaboration  - Cake by Nightwitch
Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez (Beautiful Sri Lanka Cake Collab) - Cake by Gulcin Tekkas
Orpheus with his lyre  (Grecoroman Cake Challenge) - Cake by Gulcin Tekkas
Sir Terry Pratchett and Nanny Ogg  - Cake by Nightwitch
UNSA Team Red  " In the shadow" - Cake by Catalina Anghel azúcar'arte
Catwoman - COMICAKE collaboration 2015 - Cake by Florence Devouge
Handbag cake - Cake by Layla A
Good Little Sailor Boy  - Cake by Artym
Amethyst Geode Cake - Cake by Reva Alexander-Hawk
Gold for my Four Seasons at CI Birmingham - Cake by Valentina's Sugarland
Conan The Barbarian - Cake by teresagil
Steampunkcolaboration domadora de sapos - Cake by secretos verde violeta
Sweet Summer Collaboration - Cake by Cakeslila
Superhero Mia! - Cake by Lovin' From The Oven
Love is in the air! - Cake by Vijeta
Lady of the Sea - Cake by Veenas Art of Cakes
Marie Antoinette 2nd Version - Yellow, Birds and Butterflies - Cake by Barbie lo schiaccianoci (Barbara Regini)
Mr Strongman - Cake by Sylwia Sobiegraj The Cake Designer
 CPC Fashion Collaboration - 1900-1910´s fashion inspired cake - Cake by Catalina Anghel azúcar'arte
" Natalina " my Christmas Lady - Cake by Domy