pearl lustre dust

Embroidered Flowers  - Cake by Tina Tsourtsoulas
Spring Delight - Cake by Nicky
Icing cookies - Cake by Evelindecora
"Lavish Silk" - Cake by Allways Julez
Pink and gold mermaid themed cake - Cake by Enchanting Merchant Company
Fashionista Audrey In Givenchy 1954! - Cake by Pauline Soo (Polly) - Pauline Bakes The Cake!
Flowers for mum ♡ - Cake by SugarMagicCakes (Christine)
"Mother of Pearl"  - Cake by Allways Julez
Hand Painted wedding cake - Cake by Yomna Elazawy
Gold Wedding cake - Cake by Premierbakes (Julia)
Christening cake - Cake by Paula Rebelo
Classy 70th Birthday Cake  - Cake by Costa Cupcake Company
Sprinkles the Toy Unicorn - Cake by Laura Loukaides
Pusheenicorn Cake - Cake by Laura Loukaides
4 Foot Tall Wedding Dress Cake  - Cake by Cake! By Jennifer Riley
Rose and cosmos bouquet cake - Cake by AnnaCakes
Pleats and pearls wedding cake - Cake by Lisa Ryan
Islamic decoration wedding cake - Cake by Doaa Mokhtar
Traditional with a twist - Cake by "Cute Cake!" Lady (Carol Seng)
Baptism Cake for Mateo - Cake by June ("Clarky's Cakes")
Christmas 2016, Ode to Avalon - Cake by The Elusive Cake Company
Lace Wedding Cake - Cake by RupalsCakes (MACARONS MERINGUES &MORE )
Red Lipstick & a Pearl Bracelet 50th Birthday Cake  - Cake by Pearly Cakes
White Wedding (cake) - Cake by Lulubelle's Bakes