"Woodland Seasons" cake - part of the Fairytale Forest collaboration at Birmingham CI - Cake by Cakes By No More Tiers (Fiona Brook)
Fairies Birthday - Cake by Joonie Tan
Fairies Birthday Cake - Cake by It's a Cake Thing
Aria the Autumn Fairy - Woodland Fairies Collaboration - Cake by Melodie Moo's Cakery
CPC World Cancer Day - Cake by Coco Mendez
Rosetta, Disney Fairies - Cake by Eliana Cardone - Cartoon Cake Village
Natura - Cake by Yolgarpiq
Cute Fairies - Cake by Crumb Avenue
Romantic Woodlands - Cake by Commonwealth Cake Company
Peony Fairies - Cake by Mnhammy by Sofia Salvador
Fairy themed wedding cake - Cake by Yummy Crummy Cakes
Tinkerbell and Periwinkle - Cake by Mnhammy by Sofia Salvador
Fairy tale house cake - Cake by Faten_salah
Pastel Rainbow butterfly cakehttps://www.designedbymani.com/ - Cake by designed by mani
Rainbow and Fairies - Cake by RED POLKA DOT DESIGNS (was GMSSC)
Fairy House Cake - Cake by Cakes By Samantha (Greece)
Debbie Brown fairy toadstool cake - Cake by Tina Harrigan-James
A book of fairies - Enid Blyton - Cake by Zee Chik Designs
Fairy - Cake by Debora calderini
Silhouette Fairies - Cake by Mnhammy by Sofia Salvador
Fairy Easter Egg Hunt - Cake by Carole Wynne
Fairyland - Cake by Lesi Lambert - Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft
Gingerbread House cake for Fairytale Forest - Cake by Marie's Bakehouse
Mia and me - Cake by Magda's cakes