for a little boy  - Cake by MOLI Cakes
Pilot cake - Cake by Arty cakes
Luka, the little pilot - Cake by Nasa Mala Zavrzlama
Baby Mickey Mouse aeroplane cake - Cake by Davide Minetti
Spitfire cake - Cake by Mother and Me Creative Cakes
Baptism cake - Cake by Mariana Frascella
Chocks Away! - Cake by CakeyCake
Sail away with me.... - Cake by Karen Keaney
Birthday Cake - 1 year old - Cake by Premierbakes (Julia)
Cabin Crew Cake - Cake by Lulu Goh
Air Aroha - Cake by MissPiggy
Skydiver / Parachute Cake - Cake by Sam Harrison
Scooby on Safari - Cake by Carol
๐ŸŒŽ World Traveller Birthday Cake ๐ŸŒŽ - Cake by Sugar Chic
Sky is the limit! - Cake by M&G Cakes
Travel Girl - Cake by nef_cake_deco
Airplane on a cloud on a stamp on a cake - Cake by Lesley Wright
Farewell Cake - Cake by Esther Scott
Transport Cake with Hot Air Balloon - Cake by Pam
Teddy bear - Cake by Dominikovo Dortiฤkovo
Aeroplane Themed Birthday Cake (Airplane) - Cake by Ceri Badham
Black widow plane and violin cake! - Cake by Gadget Cakes
Buttercream Miss You Cake - Cake by Simmz
Virgin Airlines Cake - Cake by Rhu Strand