Wafer Paper Butterflies Cakes

Birthday Cake For My Little Girl - Cake by LaniesCakery
Christening cake - Cake by Radmila
Butterflies and roses - 18th birthday cake - Cake by Snezana
Cake with sails and butterflies - Cake by TortIva
Mariam's sweet 16th birthday cake - Cake by Sweet Dreams by Heba
Butterflies and fault line with marble effect - Cake by TortIva
Butterfly cake - Cake by Dijana
Butterfly cake - Cake by Radmila
Sunshade, flowers, butterflies .......summer - Cake by Radmila
Little baby girl - Cake by Radmila
Butterfly girl - Cake by Mariya's Cakes & Art
Puerto Rico Rises Collaboration - Cake by Sweet Dreams by Heba
Tiffany butterflies  - Cake by silvia B.cake art
Wafer paper Butterfly & flowera - Cake by OMG! itss a cake
Wedding cake - Cake by Gabriela Doroghy
Tinker Bell cake - Cake by Gabriela Doroghy