IRIS - Cake by Raquel García
David de Bernini (Greco Roman - An international cake challenge) - Cake by Rafaela Carrasco (La Tartería de Rafi)
Puppy dog pals :D cake  - Cake by Gabriela Doroghy
Hand painted birthday cake - Cake by Sylwia Sobiegraj The Cake Designer
"DAYANA" - Cake by Raquel García
Tea pot set- (cake this again collaboration) - Cake by Tasnuta Cake Artistry ( TASNUTA ALAM)
"Amore - a future for our children"  by Sophia Fox - Cake by Sophia  Fox
Ned Stark / Cake of Thrones Collaboration  - Cake by Nightwitch
Clio - muza of history GRECO ROMAN STATUES CHALLENGE - Cake by Ania - Sweet creations by Ania
steampunk Cake  - Cake by KamilaAdamaschek
Couture Cakers 2018  - Cake by Sensational Sugar Art by Sarah Lou
Cowboy cake - Cake by Aurelia's Cake
Simple First communion Cake - Cake by Artym
Family tree cake - Cake by Zlatina Lewis Cake Boutique
Temptation - Dali in Sugar Collaboration - Cake by Justlittlecakes - Gisi Prekau
Passion for Fashion  - Cake by Artym
Minnie Mouse cake🎀 - Cake by DDelev
Avantgarde cakes next generation - Cake by Cakes by Margeaux
Christmas Mouse in shoe - Saracino Xmas Tree  - Cake by Calli Creations
POEPAY in can of spinach ! - Cake by Iwona Sobejko
Bridal Shoe - Cake by The Cakes Icing
Beautiful Sri Lanka - “The Golden Grand Elephant” It's all CAKE!!  - Cake by Melting Secrets by Kirti
 fairy cake - Cake by Ania - Sweet creations by Ania
Farmer`s 50 th Birthday Cake - Cake by Sylwia Sobiegraj The Cake Designer