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Valentines Wedding Gravity Defying Hearts - Cake by JT Cakes
Clouded Leopard- Cake this again Collab  - Cake by HotCakes by Tara
Airplane  cake  - Cake by claudiamarcel
El Fauno - Myths and Fantasies Collaboration - Cake by JT Cakes
Rabindranath Tagore :Dr RB Sudha - Cake by Dr RB.Sudha
Alicia en el país de las maravillas - Cake by Natalia Da Silva Carmona
Acts of Green - UNSA 2016 Nature is Crying  - Cake by Znique Creations
"Hansel y Gretel" Towercake - Cake by Natalia Da Silva Carmona
Neil the Pygmy Three Toed Sloth Cake - Cake by Vicki's Incredible Edibles
Yoda Cake for Star Wars : The Force Awakens - Cake by Vicki's Incredible Edibles
Knight in Shining Armor - Cake by Quinn- La Petite Confections
Collaboration "Sweet Summer" - Cake by Mayte Parrilla
Toy Story Rex Dinosaur cake - Cake by Sugar Spice
Who called the Stork? - Cake by Natalia Da Silva Carmona
Fantasy-Rhino - Sugar Myths and Fantasies - Cake by Designer-Cakes & Sugarart by Nathalie
Gravity defying sweet treats tower cake!! - Cake by Konstantina - K & D's Sweet Creations
Falling to Wonderland - Optical Illusion Collaboration - Cake by Jennifer Kennedy O'Friel - Sweet JennieD
Chandelier Cake - Cake by SugarfanciesbyPooja
La Vasija Agrietada  (Gravity defying Spring Cake) - Cake by Marielly Parra
Dinosaur Cake - Cake by Znique Creations
UNSA Cake - Gravity Defying Balloon  - Cake by JT Cakes
Interactive Pin- up Bust - Cake by Puckycakes
"Oceanusa" - Cake by Puckycakes