Muppets Cakes

Muppet TV Newsman - Cake by Kasserina Cakes
Beaker - Cake by Sugar Duckie (Maria McDonald)
Animal muppets cake - Cake by Konstantina - K & D's Sweet Creations
A muppet Christmas Carol  - Cake by Cake Garden
Animal - Cake by Milene Habib
Miss Piggy - Cake Con International 2018  Collaboration - Cake by Emily Calvo
Animal Muppet Show Cake - Cake by Agatha Rogowska ( Cakefield Avenue)
Animal & Janice from the muppets - Cake by Jen's Cake Boutique
Peggy the bellhop - Cake by Slindt
Muppets - Cake by Michelle
The Sugar Art Zombies Collaboration - Zombie Animal - Cake by kvltcakes
POP cakes - Cake by Lesley Marshall cake art
Cookie monster dad and baby  - Cake by Sonia Huebert
swedish chef  - Cake by Jacqueline
Oscar the Grouch - Cake by Dinkylicious Cakes
Muppet Show cake - Cake by Sendi