carousel with light cake - Cake by mona ghobara/Bonboni Cake
Carousel Cake - Cake by Kek Couture
Beauty & The Beast Competition Cake - Cake by TrulyCustom
Il Natale del pastorello - Children´s Classic book Sweet Collaboration - Cake by Clara
Crystal Palace 2nd Generation Cake - Cake by Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School
Recycling Truck Cake - Cake by Katycakes Austin
Frozen Cake (with Lights) - Cake by Charlene - The Red Butterfly Bakery xx
Fairytale castle cake - Cake by Carter Valentino Ltd
Ironman cake with light  - Cake by Gele's Cookies
My Vesak Festival Collaboration Piece - Cake by Lovin' From The Oven
CRAZY FISH WITH LIGHT - Cake by Aroma de Azúcar
LightHouse - Cake by Angela - A Slice of Happiness
Sugar Skull Bakers 2015 -From the Grave - Cake by Honey Bunny Bake Shop
Flying Millenium Falcon with lights - Cake by Bety'Sugarland by Elisabete Caseiro
CPC Red & Green "Christmas house of elves" - Cake by Vanessa Rodríguez
Chateau de Challain - Cake by Beth Mottershead
No Peeking - CPC Christmas Collaboration - Cake by Isabelle (Cotati Sugar Mamas)
3D Jukebox Cake - Cake by Serdar Yener | Yeners Way - Cake Art Tutorials
Love Lights - Cake by Sugar Street Studios by Zoe Burmester
Flux Capacitor  steampunk mantelpiece clock. BTTF collab - Cake by Crazy Sweets
Shark Reef - Cake by CakeyCake
I Love The 80s!  - Cake by Stacked
GOLD CI - Christmas Cake - Cake by Shereen
Boeing 787 Dreamliner cake - Cake by For the love of cake (Laylah Moore)