funny cake - Cake by Laura e Virna just cakes
19th Hole Golf Cake - Cake by Costa Cupcake Company
Hangover after Unicorn Party - Cake by Othonas Chatzidakis
Happy Birthday  - Cake by steffy
Drunken bride and groom wedding cake  - Cake by Zoe's Fancy Cakes
A good night out  - Cake by clairessweets
Drunk Homer on a Giant Donut - Cake by Sam Harrison
Willow Tree Figures - Cake by Shereen
Funny Birthday Cake - Cake by Jeana Byrd
Drunk Homer on a Donut (or is it DOH-nut ;) ) - Cake by Sam Harrison
Funny birthday cake - Cake by ESB Creations
Pikachu 21st birthday  - Cake by Kake Krumbs
Too much beer!  - Cake by OfF ThE CuFf CaKeS!!
Party Barbie - Cake by bluebellcakes
say hello to drunk dave! - Cake by Tasty Tiers
"Merry Matrimony" - Cake by Christine Ticehurst
Champagne anyone? - Cake by Kazmick
beer guiness - Cake by nef_cake_deco
Homer Simpson cake - Cake by Sweet Creations Cakes
Drunken Biker Cake - Cake by Sam Harrison
Beer barrel cake - Cake by Martina Kelly
Drunk Lady Themed Cake - Cake by Yellow Box - Cakes & Pastries
Mickey & Minnie wedding cake  - Cake by Maria-Louise Cakes