free hand

Little Mermaid cake - Cake by Lilly09
Minnie mouse cake - Cake by DDelev
VW love - Cake by Zoe Byres
This is Sunny - my Summer PinUp - Cake by Valentina's Sugarland
Blue Tit on a Log Cake - Cake by Valentina's Sugarland
"Elf" cake topper  - Cake by Georgia Ampelakiotou
Art installations  - Cake by DDelev
Minnie mouse cookies set  - Cake by DDelev
Mercedes cake - Cake by DDelev
Spring Fairy Tale Collaboration - Cake by Georgia Ampelakiotou
Jungle Cake - Cake by Cosette
Spring Cake - Cake by SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa
Be My Valentine! movie nights Romeo & Juliet - Cake by Valentina's Sugarland
Frozen cake - Cake by DDelev
My fairy for Away with the fairy Collab - Cake by Valentina's Sugarland
lady in purple... - Cake by Georgia Ampelakiotou
Snowwhite  - Cake by Mania M. - CandymaniaC
Poppies - Cake by Aniko Vargane Orban
Louis Vuitton Suitcase wedding cake  - Cake by MJ'S Cakes
Northwest themed cake - Cake by Cosette
Nigella - Cake by Delia's_cake studio
Ocean themed cake. Free hand painting. - Cake by Cosette
Baby Boy Babyshower Cake - Cake by Sihirli Pastane
The dancer - Cake by Mania M. - CandymaniaC