Modern Cake Cakes

Birthday Cake - Cake by Carol Pato
Spring flowers heart & cake - Cake by Tortolandia
Twins climbers - Cake by Renatiny dorty
Per aspera ad astra - Cake by Renatiny dorty
Origami in black - Cake by Renatiny dorty
Bday cake for Gabriela - Cake by Tassik
Playing with a waferpaper and structures - Cake by Tassik
Double barrel cake - Cake by Marianna Jozefikova
Peacock Cake - Cake by Radha's Bespoke Bakes
Burgundy and bronze  - Cake by Tassik
Yellow modern cake - Cake by Daria Albanese
Black cake - Cake by SWEET architect
Cuore  - Cake by Maria principessa
Modern cake - Cake by Frajla Jovana
Birthay cake - Cake by Frajla Jovana
Modern cake - Cake by Frajla Jovana