FrogCake - Cake by Art Bakin’
Black angel - ego sum, qui sum...  - Cake by dortUM
Autumn is comming - Cake by dortUM
dalhia and fucsia - Cake by Loredana Atzei
Lavenders - Cake by Viva la Tarta
Little Owl - Cake by Sugar Cakes
Ferdinand - Cake by Cakemake
Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis en pasta de goma - Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Gumpaste. - Cake by Yolanda Cueto - Yocuna Floral Artist
Little girl with dandelions - Cake by dortUM
Evanescence - Cake by dortUM
Sarah Kay - Cake by Zaklina
Stained glass peonies - Cake by Natasha Ananyeva (CakeVirtuoso Studio)
Wedding cake  - Cake by dortUM
Beautiful Sri Lanka old woman - Cake by Alyaa sharshar
Love is in the air - Cake by Out of the Box
Moana cake - Cake by dortUM
Violet  - Cake by Gina Assini
Cute mouse - Cake by dortUM
Mr Bean cake - Cake by Twister Cake Art
Nail polish - Cake by tomima
Winter nostalgia - Cake by alenascakes
Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez (Beautiful Sri Lanka Cake Collab) - Cake by Gulcin Tekkas
Colourful ... - Cake by MOLI Cakes
For writer - Cake by dortUM