Blaine Izombie - Let's Dream Together, The Collab In Pairs - Cake by Floren Bastante / Dulces el inflón
The Walking Dead Birthday Cake - Cake by Jen
Harley Quinn Cake - Cake by Evren Dagdeviren
Vampire masquerade cake - Cake by Tamara
GOT cake - Cake by Mania M. - CandymaniaC
"What did you do Tony?" (The Shining) - Cake by Tartas Imposibles
Zombie Bride - Cake by Sarah Ono Jones
Snow White Bust "Snow White - The Grimm Obsession"  - Cake by Jennifer Holst • Sugar, Cake & Chocolate •
Pennywise cake - Cake by Tabi Lavigne
UNSA - Team Red Collab cake - Cake by LittleHunnysCakery
Igor - Cake by Stacked
Supernatural Cake - Cake by Cathy's Cakes
Hansel and Gretel's Halloween Revenge ~ Cake - Cake by Little Apple Cakes
CSI Crime Scene Cake  - Cake by Krazy Kupcakes
"Judith's Car Seat" (Baking Dead Collaboration, The Walking Dead) - Cake by Becca's Edible Art
Deadpool - Cake by Petra Krátká (Petu Cakes)
Cry Wolf - Animal Rights Collab - Cake by KuchenDiva
Zombie Neck Bite - Cake by Sweet Foxylicious
The crime scene - Cake by Carla Puig
Simon Pegg films Inspired Cake. - Cake by Zoe White
halloween collaboration - Cake by Bakmuts en zo
"horror" - Cake by Olina Wolfs
Wolverine - Cake by Nessie - The Cake Witch
American Horror Story - Cake by Petra Krátká (Petu Cakes)