Anemone Cakes

Composition - Cake by Ruth - Gatoandcake
 Roses and anemones for 98th birthday - Cake by Dadka Cakes
Waiting for Dawn - Cake by Grazie cake and sugarcraft studio
Fleur - Cake by Bennett Flor Perez
Birch Cake  - Cake by Sweet Heaven Cakes
Anemone flower cake - Cake by Betsy Vergara Pitot
Purple  - Cake by babkaKatka
Ricepaste anemone - Cake by Ebru eskalan
Wafer paper anemone cake - Cake by Akademia Tortu - Magda Kubiś
Anémone  - Cake by Ruth - Gatoandcake
Sugar flowers - Cake by Bennett Flor Perez
Bouquet flowers - Cake by Katarzynka
Cake with chocolate flowers - Cake by JarkaSipkova
 Chocolate flowers. Gardenia,  Poppies, Anemone - Cake by JarkaSipkova
Admiral Cake - Cake by Victoria Forward
Anémonas  - Cake by Griselda de Pedro