Saracino Pasta Scultura Cakes

My musketeer  - Cake by  Diana Aluaş
Primavera 🦋  - Cake by Silvia Salerno
Owl cake - Cake by Layla A
Dog head  - Cake by Layla A
Venezia in Maschera - Cake by Romina Novellino
It - Cake by Tanya Shengarova


Stranger things - Cake by Tanya Shengarova
AC/DC - Cake by Tanya Shengarova
Bull of Wallstreet - Cake by Tanya Shengarova
Dinosaur - Cake by Cake Of The Art
Secret garden - Cake by Victoria White
Gigantosaurus  - Cake by Victoria White
Catrina Parade Collab  - Cake by Cristina Arévalo- The Art Cake Experience
Ugly witch - Cake by L'atelier de Natasel
"It's me " - Cake by Olina Wolfs
Knight of the round table - Cake by Othonas Chatzidakis