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Larger than life AND1 BasketBall Shoe....all edible

Made for a shoe loving 21st Birthday for a Shoe loving Boy who played Basketball……..have included a photo with the regular sized shoe that the birthday boy had ordered from the States with his name on them… for size comparison, never saw the real shoe & photos sent to me showed the shoe to be red so was a bit disappointed with seeing that in these photos detailing was actually orange…lesson learnt try to see real shoe….Board is done in woodgrain fondant & the 21 is done using my latest impression mat by Marvelous molds…Goosebumps) to get the Basketball look

-- Jo, NZ,

Holy freakin cow Jo!!!!!! You are amazingly talented. That is such an awesome cake.

-- Zeena -

Jo thats brilliant. you blow me away with you talent.
perfection yet again :)

-- Robin

this is amazing I want one

Thanks Kiwicakebloke, nice to get a boys perspective :-)

-- Jo, NZ,


-- Bobie - OUT-OF-THE-BOX Cake Design

Awesome! Shoe fetish me loves it! :) xxxx

-- Pauline Bakes The Cake!

This is so fabulous Jo. Love all the detail. Awesome!

-- Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

WOW … WOW … I will never be able to make something like that ;-)

-- Dina @ miettes,

Thanks so much Sarah & Dina

-- Jo, NZ,

Wow, it is so impressive! Love all details!

-- Gulnaz Mitchell, New Zealand,

Thanks Gulnaz & Angela :-)

-- Jo, NZ,