Art Deco Cube Cake

Art Deco Cube Cake
Art Deco Cube Cake

Hi there! Here’s a cake I made with my lovely Dad a while ago but still one I like looking at. Sadly my poor old Dad is no longer with us but I always look at this cake and enjoy the memories of working together. It was over a meter tall and had applique deco patterns on the side, inspired by a 1920’s fashion design book. Sandra.x

Sandra Monger Cakes UK


Wowwww this is gorgeous.Love it!


Wow Sandra, this is stunning! So impressive. How lovely that it evokes happy memories for you too.

Mel, Yorkshire,

It is a beautiful cake and what a lovely memory for you!

Wow this absolutely Amazing, I love art deco and I love your cake. well done :-)

@Anita's Cakes

Sandra, a true stunner! Cherish the memories!

Dina @ miettes,

Wow, this is stunning! Beautiful.

Teri, Ontario, Canada

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments.xx

Sandra Monger Cakes UK

Beautifully done Sandra!!! Very Unique!!! Cherish the memories!!! xxx

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