Majestic White Peacock

Majestic White Peacock


I have always been fascinated by peacocks, and their beautiful and majestic appearance. But I remember feeling overwhelmed when I had first seen a white peacock. They look transcendent!

I have been since eager to create a white peacock on a cake, and I finally got the chance.

This cake has been created using Drageekiss, a tool which reduces the effort required in placing dragees (pearls) precisely on cakes. I used to hate using dragees in cakes, simply because they were difficult to hold in tweezers, and they slipped all the time. If I tried to place them with my fingers, some of the shine would get lost and not to mention ruining the finish of the cake surface. With Drageekiss, it really took away the pain of using dragees and I was finally able to create a

<3 Gauri